Michelle Jin

My name is Michelle Jin. I am an IFBB Professional in the Female Bodybuilding Division and a Wings of Strength Brand Ambassador. I would like to tell you a little about myself.

I was born in a small village near Wenzhou, China, the youngest in the family with three sisters and one brother. Although my family was poor (without electricity until my age 8), our status improved after I was born, at which time my family was granted land from the Chinese government in exchange for my father and brother’s service in the municipal government. The amount of land was not large, as it was prorated based on the number of boys in the family. However, it gave our family the opportunity to become farmers.

From the age of 7, I worked hard on this farm, caring for many animals and doing essential chores. I remember cutting grass to feed the rabbits, pigs, and guinea pigs, herding hundreds of ducks– leading them out to the pasture to graze in the morning, and then back to sleep at night in their shelter. One of the harder jobs involved climbing up a small mountain, one hour each way, to collect leaves and bamboo and carrying them back in large baskets, which my mother would then use in the cooking fire at home. I also helped plant and harvest rice, often pulling a heavy harvester.

At age 10 I carried 100 lb water buckets from a deep well, 15 minutes each way. At age 13 I weaved plastic fabric bags on a large machine in our living room, paddling away with my legs continuously from 7am-11 pm, except for short breaks for lunch and dinner. I was self-taught in gymnastics, and would wake up at 5 am and do backflips outside with other children in the village.
These early experiences taught me to work hard and do my best always. They also helped build a foundation of lower body strength which has helped me to this day in my bodybuilding career. I had a chance to immigrate to the US in 1996, at which time I moved to California. I remember seeing Michelle Kwan on the Olympic Games on TV at that time. Impressed by her grace and skill in the ice rink, I decided that very day that my first name would be Michelle.

I started going to the gym in 2005 to become more fit and then one day a friend told me I would do well in bodybuilding. With that encouragement, I started to train harder with more focus. After my first competition in 2006- a local show in Chico, CA where I got 2 nd place in bodybuilding, I have never looked back. I won my Pro Card in Women’s Physique in 2014 at the Jr. USA’s and then switched to IFBB female bodybuilding in 2019; I most recently competed in the Toronto Pro in 2021.

I enjoy hiking, animals, and gardening. I train 5 days per week in the offseason, and 7 days a week prior to the contest. Hiking serves as my cardio, helps me relax and breaks up the monotony of the treadmill or exercise bike. Dieting is the hardest part of prep for me, although having a garden has made it a bit better; when I prepare my meals I pick fresh greens from the garden and cook them right up. It is no surprise that I like vegetables, because my Chinese name “Suchun” means “spring vegetable”.

I love to take care of my two dogs, Roman the pitbull and Tyson the Rottweiler. They are my babies and keep me company in the garage when I train. I am thrilled by everything that Wings of Strength has done for Women’s Bodybuilding and Physique sports, and am grateful to have been selected as a Wings of Strength Ambassador for 2022. I respect and admire the women bodybuilders from the past, as well as those who are competing now. I will continue to do my best in the sport and strive to be a role model for other women. My goal is to qualify for the Ms. Olympia this year.

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