Virginia Sanchez

My name is Virginia Sanchez,I’m an IFBB Pro female Bodybuilder competitor ,I’m a mother and almost 48 years old (27th April ). I started in this sport when I was 17 years old because of my fathe,he loved train with weights and Martial Arts,and in the first moment I touched a dumbbell I think I felt in love with this sport and I knew it was going to be part of my life and what my goals were going to be,to compete at the Ms Olympia stage with the best,nowadays the Rising Phoenix World Championships thanks to Jake Wood and Wings Of Strength.

I used to combined my studies at the university with the gym but at the end I decided to dedicate myself completely to bodybuilding so,I studied nutrition,personal training and also tested as an IFBB judge .

I used to watch the Ms Olympia shows and I imagined myself on that stage,in that moment Lenda Murray was one of the best for me a truly inspiration.After several years trainning really hard,I don’t know why,I decided to stop and had a break,two years after that I lost most of my muscle mass I had the opportunity to work as a publicity model, I combined that with my own gym but something did not work for me,I did not feel good with myself,I needed my work outs and my muscles but when I decided to come back to train I got pregnant so I had to wait more time.Finally I returned and I was selected to compete for the first time in the 2011 European Championship,getting a second place,since that moment everything went very quick for me getting my pro card in the 2013 when I won the Arnold Europe,till that time I have not stop competing and I love it,I made several podiums as in my first pro show in Toronto and Chicago,I qualified three times for the biggest female bodybuilding show since the Ms Olympia was gone ,IFBB Rising Phoenix Rising Phoenix World Championships,the best support we have right now,but the best for me was my 5th place at this amazing show in the 2017,a hard year for me in my private life but that place compensated everything and was a great motivation for me to continue working hard and try to do always my best. You have to believe in yourself,fight for your dreams and never give up.

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