Elena Oana Hreapca

Romania’s Oana Hreapca is a born athlete.  “From the time I was 13 years old, “ she explains, “I was competing in sports like track and field – including javelin shotput and the hammer throw.”


As is common nowadays, she supplemented her sports work outs with  sessions of strength training in the gym, concentrating on overall power movements like squats and bench presses,and the snatch .  She met her future husband, who was a bodybuilding and weightlifting  coach  and soon began training for both Olympic and powerlifting herself.  “I also did some bodybuilding training,” Oana says, “in order to keep the various different muscles of my body in balance.”  At that time I did some rugby also ,but for short period.


Oana was about 22 years old when she decided to concentrate on bodybuilding to create a more aesthetic look, better shape, symmetry and proportion.  In 2005 she started to focus totally on bodybuilding and the following year placed first in the Romanian National Bodybuilding Championships.  “I’d been training hard for a long time,” Oana says, “so what I mostly had to learn at that point was contest dieting, which is very difficult and not like anything I’d had to do for previous athletic competition.”


Of course, winning as an amateur and then earning a pro card are two different things, and Oana explains this is especially difficult in Romania.  After a few competitions for different federations, she came to the attention of Jake Wood and Wings of Strength.  Jake encourage Oana to come to Chicago in 2017, where she won the Ms. International Contest and qualified to become an IFBB pro.


She then enter the Rising Phoenix in 2018, which she says was a real learning experience.  “I was on stage with the best female bodybuilders in the world and seeing how good they were inspired me to work and train even harder in the future.


Oana says she realized at that point that she had to concentrate on coming in in the best possible conditioning, with better diet and more cardio.  And to work on her weak points.  “I’m always getting compliments on my abs and my calves.  And that’s good because these are body parts difficult to improve unless you have the necessary genetics.”  But she realizes that things like overall shape, symmetry and proportion and developing  a better V-shape are things that can be improved by lots of hard work of the right kind.


“After years of weightlifting, I now concentrate on weight TRAINING – focusing on each movement, using strict technique with concentration and discipline.  The weight doesn’t matter except for how it allows you to change and develop the muscles.”  Plus, she realizes, when trying to grow off season, getting enough rest and recuperation can be almost as important as the time spent training in the gym to maximize results.”


Here is some of my competitive history

2006 – Romanian National Champ,\

2007 -Worlds WBFA -France -Menton-3rd place

2009-Worls NAC -Haga -Nederland -3rd place

2011-Worlds NAC-Luxemburg -2nd place

2012-WABBA Worlds -Padova -Italy -2nd  place and second at pairs also.

-European WBPF -Timisoara -Romania-1st place

-NABBA Worlds -Ireland -1st place

2013-WABBA Worlds Budapest Hungary -2nd place

-European  WBPF Kiev -Ukraine-1st place

WBPF Worlds Hungary- 2nd place

2014-WBPF European Kosovo-1st place

2015- WABBA Hercules Olympia Uk-1st place

2017 Chicago Pro, win Ms. International competition and earned pro card.

2017 competed at the biggest show in Rising Phoenix, one of my dreams come true, my first pro show .

2018 competed in Romanian Muscle Fest, qualifying for  Rising Phoenix 2019,got 3rd place.

2019 5th place at Romania Muscle Show, Ms. Olympia qualifier.





Heather Munson

My name is Heather Munson “The Phoenix” and I was so blessed in 2019 to be part of the Wings of Strength Ambassador program. This truly was a highlight of my Bodybuilding career, thus far.  Not only did it give me the ability to become part of a greater cause for our female bodybuilding movement, but it enabled me to give even more back in my community on my personal platform.

In 2019, I competed and placed 3rd at the Wings of Strength Ms International competition. Previously,  I’ve competed In 2017 and 2018 at the Miami Nationals where I placed 3rd and then 2nd. Additionally, I’ve won 3 overalls and several first place awards in the NPC ranks (Battle for the Eagle ‘14, ‘15, ‘17,Northern Classic ‘15, NW championships ‘15,’16, Cascadian).

My entire life is a story of resilience. My story speaks of overcoming obstacles, continuous personal evolution, as well as always seeking the most positive mindset in any and all situations my life has encountered. 

I was bullied very young in life for the way I looked. I was a more muscular (thicker) girl, with red hair and freckles growing up (very uncommon and not glamorized by society as “pretty”).  However, I didn’t let this stop me or hold me back. I learned to win people over with my other attributes, such as my personality, my mind, my athleticism and kindness. This is where I learned how someone’s soul can be so beautiful, their outward appearance becomes beautiful to so many, as well.  Due to this, I am part of the “Anti-bullying Movement” and speak at elementary and middle schools regularly.

Another important life lesson and attribute I evoke and share with others is the power of a positive mindset. During later adversity in my life, I learned how powerful a positive mindset can be to overcoming even physical obstacles. I overcame ovarian cancer and I survived a very abusive marriage in my early 20’s, while carrying for my two small babies. All with Lots of prayer and a positive mindset.

I excelled in athletics all my life, playing at the highest level of collegiate softball at University of Oregon. All while earning a double major in Psychology and Biology, and working as a personal trainer.  It was then in my life that I became so In love with bodybuilding. The ability to transform. To literally become anything you ever would want to be, was so appealing to me. I began studying it religiously and following all the “greats.” (Lenda, Alina, Yaxeni, Iris, Sheila- who was from my home town, Helle and Margie).  To meet and become close with Lenda and Alina was a dream to me…they have been two of my absolute favorites from my start.  Now, to know all of them personally and actively work next to them has only made my love and adoration grow deeper. All these women represent so much more than impressive physiques. They represent beauty, grace and strength both inside and out.

In 2019, I found my tribe. My Iron sisters among the Wings of Strength team. This includes everyone involved in project management, marketing, organizing etc.  Jake Woods (along with his team) has built a family. I was so overwhelming blessed to be part of and I truly hope I will be so blessed to be with you all again. 

My goals for 2020 are nothing short of earning my pro card, beginning with the WOS Ms International competition, and not stopping until we have the pro status. I am working with Shelby Starnes and we have an amazing plan to execute. My heart is in fbb. I believe it is my responsibility to help grow and define our division. I want to continue to show women that you can be so strong, and still be so feminine.

Contest History:

2017 Miami Nationals – 3rd place

2018 Miami Nationals – 2 nd place

2019 Ms International – 3rd place


Social Media:

Instagram: phoenix_firemunson

Facebook: Heather Munson

Helle Trevino

Helle Trevino (formerly Nielsen) is a Danish/American professional female bodybuilder. She is the 2017 Ms Rising Phoenix and the highest-ranked Dane on the International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness (IFBB) Pro Women’s Bodybuilding Ranking List (as Helle Nielsen).

Helle Trevino (born Helle Nielsen) was born and raised in rural Sønderborg, Denmark. She grew up on a farm. She majored in English and German in college. After that she continued her way into the fitness industry where she took a number of exams within the nutrition & training field.

Bodybuilding career


Trevino was a gymnast from the age of 3 and competed in various other sports, including ballroom dancing, swimming, track and field, shot put, martial arts, horse-riding, boxing, biking, ballet and yoga. When Trevino was 17, she joined a gym and started training seven days a week. When she started, she had weighed 128 lb (58 kg) and within a year of training she had added 29 lb (13 kg). She said on her Web site that she quickly realized she had great genetics for bodybuilding.

She later started competing. She attended the Danish Championships in Herning. At the age of 22 she won in the heavyweight and overall categories at the Danish Nationals in 1998, her first show. She also won the overall and heavyweight title at the Scandinavian Championships in the same year. In 1999 she competed at the World Championships in Australia.



Trevino became the first professional female bodybuilder from Denmark since Lisser Frost-Larsen, who had last competed in 1984. In her pro debut, she won the heavyweight and overall at the Jan Tana Classic. A few months later, she placed fifth in the heavyweights at the Ms. Olympia.

From 2011

After spending a few years building up her personal training business, Trevino in 2011 won the FIBO pro show and placed 11th at the 2011 Ms. Olympia. The following year she placed 12th in the Ms. Olympia competition, where. In 2012, she moved from Denmark to California, to train at the Gold’s Gym in Venice.

Contest history

1998 Danish Championships – 1st (HW and Overall)

1998 Scandinavian Championships – 1st (HW and Overall)

1999 World Amateur Championships – 10st (HW)

2003 IFBB Jan Tana Classic – 1st (HW and Overall)

2003 IFBB Ms. Olympia – 5th (HW)

2011 IFBB FIBO Power Pro Germany – 1st

2011 IFBB Ms. Olympia – 14th

2012 IFBB Europa Battle of Champions Hartford – 9th

2012 IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro-Am Extravaganza – 2nd

2012 IFBB Ms. Olympia – 12th

2013 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro – 5th

2014 IFBB Omaha Pro – 7th

2015 IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro – 1st

2015 Rising Phoenix World Championships – 2nd

2016 Rising Phoenix World Championships – 4th

2017 Rising Phoenix World Championships – 1st

2018 Rising Phoenix World Championships – 5th

As of 2014, Trevino lived in Los Angeles, California and worked as a personal trainer in Venice, California. She speaks Danish, English, and German. She worked as a caretaker of disabled people for 15 years. In 2008, she became the CEO & Founder of the company Team Evolution.

Hellen Davis

Helen Davis describes herself as having been an athletic young girl.  Growing up in Illinois, she involved herself in martial arts, starting in the fifth grade, and in running the marathon – becoming the kind of young lady who could beat you up if you became threatening and catch you if you tried to run away.  Just a joke – Helen is not an aggressive person unless you see her in the midst of one of her intense gym workouts.


Helen says she started working out with weights as a teen, saw changes happening quickly to her muscle development, but didn’t decide to train like a bodybuilder and to compete until her late 20s.  “I was in the gym for years without really pushing myself.  But I’d been a fan of the bodybuilding physique since seeing Muscle & Fitness when I was barely a teen.  I joined a gym, started looking at bodybuilding training videos and was inspired.  I particularly admired Ronnie Coleman and his approach to training in which he combined heavy weight and high reps.”


So why did it take Helen Davis more than a decade to commit herself to training for and getting involved with bodybuilding competition? “I have three daughters.  I wanted to raise a family first.”


Even though her physique began to develop to the point where she looked like a bodybuilder, as she neared thirty Helen had her doubts as to whether she had waited too long to achieve any success in muscle competition.  “I had a lot of people who liked my physique urging me to compete and I really loved the idea, so I finally decided to go ahead and give it a try.”


Helen entered the 2015 IFPA Super Pro in the women’s bodybuilding category and won the title.  She was thrilled with that success, and she decided to compete at the 2017 NPC Titan Open in Kenosha, WI.  Helen switched to the physique division and, once again won the title.


“I switched to physique, in large part, because competing for the NPC there were just a lot more women’s physique competitions.  Besides which, I thought at that point I looked more like bodybuilder according to NPC standards.”


Her next step was the Jr. Nationals where she once again competed in physique.  But Helen was making a lot of progress in muscular development during this period and  began to see she might be facing some problems.  “I had judges telling me I was too big and too ripped for physique, which amazed me.  But, sure enough, I was placed down in fourth and I realized I would have to back off and do less in order to do well in physique.  I had spent so much time trying to train and diet as hard as my idols like Ronnie, Shawn Ray and Lenda Murray, I really I really disliked being limited like this.”


Helen faced the same kind of outcome at the NPC Universe in 2018. A disappointing fifth in women’s physique.  At this point she determined she had no other choice than to switch to competing as a bodybuilder.

“In 2019, at the NPC Masters Nationals in Pittsburg,” Helen explains, “I decided to enter both as a bodybuilder and in physique.  It turns out to have been a good strategy: I placed second in the WPD but won the bodybuilding title and earned my pro card.”


Helen Davis says she is much happier as a bodybuilder.  “Every sport I have been involved in you are supposed to do your best and achieve your best outcome.  In physique, judges were tell me not to get too big or too hard and defined.  In bodybuilding all the limits are off. You don’t have to hold back.”


The only obstacle Helen sees for her future is that 4’11” and 120 pounds, with no weight divisions in pro bodybuilding for women, she is going to be at a disadvantage standing next to

Women very much larger.  “But I’m going to do my best. My ambition is to compete at the Rising Phoenix sometime in the future and be in a lineup with so many of the female bodybuilders I most admire.





2015 IFPA USA SuperPro, St. Louis, MO., 1st Place WBB


2017 Titan Open, Kenosha, WI., 1st Place WPD


2017 Jr. Nationals, Chicago, IL., 4th Place WPD


2018 NPC Universe, Teaneck, NJ., 5th Place WPD


2019 Masters Nationals, Pittsburgh, PA., 1st Overall WBB, 2nd WPD




Helen Davis




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