Cris Goy

This year, 2019, following my sports career , I’m going through a huge change, switching to bodybuilding class. I am very excited about it due to the BIG help from Wings of Strength, working together, and been their ambassador.

My biggest sporting accomplishment as a women physique, rounding up 15th international championships such as the Arnold Classic, Diamond cup, Olympia amateur, Champions live ,etc. The main ones by the IFBB , where I was always in the top positions working every year with the president of the Spanish federation 4 years straight , residing in Spain I did the change to pick up my professional credentials with the IFBB pro league ( USA ) I started my competitions 2 straight years in which my first year I competed in Tampa Pro placing in the Top  10 , and my second year in the San Marino Pro earning the top position , at the same time automatically qualifying for the Olympia, my sporting record 6 years in a role was perfect  , but I decided to change due to 2 important motives : the first was the Big help that I received from this team been this an independent sport In which the athlete has to do everything.

And the second was due to my physical evolution , in years there is always muscular progress , and I grew pass the standards of women physique , this situation happens to a lot of competitors , and we have categories options in our league in order to be able to keep a healthy balance between your physique, and Beauty.

Currently my profession is to have my bodybuilding contest , and professional photographers.

I’m an athlete that likes to work side to side with marketing and muscular beauty .

My first contest as a bodybuilder in 2019 will be Omaha Nebraska , once this is done , I will be going to Norfolk for the Lenda Murray show.

I will be doing a lot more , and there will be a lot more work to be accomplished in which I will be participating, for now there is time for me to enjoy this new category , and learn from it , also feel taken care of , and feel that I’m   part of this wonderful group of people ( great team ).

You can follow me in the Wings of Strength page , a new life cycle is waiting for me during my debut: starting life in the United States to be able to develop , and live my profession , and grow to the fullest.

Cris Goy Arellano

Elena Oana Hreapca

I am Oana Hreapca, from Romania ,

I m a professional bodybuilder since 2017, when I won Chicago International under Wings and Strength, Tim Gardner and IFBB Pro League organisation, which is the only who fights for women bodybuilding, since IFBB took out this category from all  their shows.

My road was quite long ,till now ,I’ve started to practice sport when I was 13 years old, track and field ,then I did weightlifting and powerlifting and some rugby .My passion for this sport began when I really started to work for a better body and competing was in 2005 .Since then I’ve been learning and working lots to achieve better body ,mind and spirit .

The more I was into the sport, the more I liked it and it became a lifestyle. In the years I’ve tried to help others to become a lifestyle, not just something for a short time.

I’ve been always a strong woman with a strong look, so I think this was a sport meant for me as well.

In all those years I’ve learned more and more to perfect a body but also to get stronger mentally, because this sport is about discipline, pushing limits, fighting and never giving up; which fits in life as well.

I’ve finished my studies in physical education, and I’ve started to train others as well. I like to change other lives as well, and I’ve been trying constantly to keep contact with all which evolves. In this industry you can always get better and better if you are willing to .

Here are some highlights from my career as an athlete :

2006 -National Champ + 57 ,Overall and Pairs in Romania ,

2007 -Worlds WBFA -France -Menton-3 rd place 

2009-Worls NAC -Haga -Nederland -3rd place 

2011-Worlds NAC-Luxemburg -2 nd place

2012-WABBA Worlds -Padova -Italy -2 nd  place and second at pairs also.

        -European WBPF -Timisoara -Romania-1 st place 

        -NABBA Worlds -Ireland -1 st place 

2013-WABBA Worlds Budapest Hungary -2 nd place 

        -European  WBPF Kiev -Ukraine-1 st place 

         WBPF Worlds Hungary- 2nd place 

2014-WBPF European Kosovo-1 st place 

2015- WABBA Hercules Olympia Uk-1 st place 

2016 –been at Omaha Pro with demo ,had a great feedback ,was mostly for me to get the pro card

2017 won overall Chicago Miss International and got my pro card

2017 competed at the biggest show in Phoenix_Rising Phoenix ,one of my dreams come true ,my first pro show .

2018 will compete in first pro show in Romania ,Romanian Muscle Fest ,qualifying for Rising Phoenix 2019

I’ve started my career with athletics, been national champ at javelin and hammer throw between 1996-2000

I’ve been national champ in weightlifting also between 2001-2004.

About my studies, I’ve finished Physical Education School and Physiotherapy in 2004 and 2006. I have master’s degree in Sport. I have my specialities in athletics, weightlifting and bodybuilding, nutrition course and I’m a trainer at ABC fitness school.

I used to teach physical education in school and high school, and have aerobic and fitness classes.

Since 2014, I have my own gym OanaGoldGym.

I have 2 kids; one is 9 and one almost 11 years old.

My husband is supporting me always and helping so I’m blessed to have him close. He was the one who got me into this sport, my mentor and trainer and the best support.
Oana Hreapca – IFBB Pro

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Aka “The Phoenix”

My name is Heather Munson and I’d like to share with you my life and love of bodybuilding.  I am the baby of four children, natural redhead and one of most fiery people you will ever meet!  You could say that the myths are true that redheads are really “kissed by fire.” I have been an athlete all my life in such sports as: softball, volleyball, gymnastics and weight lifting.  You could say that I hid behind athletics to mask my insecurities for my outward appearance.  My entire childhood and adolescence, I struggled with being perceived as “different” or not the “social norm” for beauty and body type.  A redhead with a freckled face, thick and muscular was anything but “attractive” during that time.  I didn’t know it then, but I learned how to start loving my personality and abilities more than the way I looked. My first lesson in self love.

I was a scholar athlete for the University of Oregon softball team, as well as team Captain.  It was during my time in college, that I really fell in love with lifting and learning how to sculpt my physique.  So, during college, I spent a great deal of time educating myself and building a greater appreciation for bodybuilding.  I was also always intrigued by the way competitors could shape and control their physiques, as my physique tended to cause a lot of stress and insecurities.  So much so, that before bodybuilding, I struggled with eating disorders and severe body dysmorphia.  However, this only helped direct me to my calling within health and wellness.  I graduated with a double major in Psychology and Biology (the best of both sciences), as well as earning several national certifications for personal training and nutrition.

I began personal training while still at the University of Oregon, as well as following my graduation.  I remained a personal trainer for roughly 5 years, while I was married and had my two children.  At this point, I began competing.  I competed in 2 shows (approx. 9 months after each baby), The Vancouver Natural and The Oregon State bodybuilding competition.  I placed 3rd and 1st place in bodybuilding my first two shows.  However, due to a very unhealthy marriage, I stepped away from competing for 4 years to raise my children as a single mother. So, I was a single mother of two toddlers, attempting to conquer all my dreams, all while giving those children the best life imaginable. 

Shortly after, I moved into the very competitive and rewarding field of Pharmaceutical and medical sales.  This industry allowed me to utilize what I am naturally very good at and that’s building amazing relationships with people and harboring all of my competitive nature to exceeding my goals.  Meanwhile, I also started dedicating myself more seriously to bodybuilding again.  At this time, my fiancé came into my life and encouraged my talents and drive to not just get back on stage, but really take it to the next level.  During this time, I also realized how strong my voice was to speak up for women in society today.  To speak against societal views of beauty and pressures all women have faced. 

In 2014, I competed in both the “Battle for the Eagle” and “NW Championships,” and I placed 2nd and 1st in those two shows.  My passion really ignited at this time and I realized that I could really go far with this.  Not only could I with my physique, but I could also help as many people around me as possible in the process.  Single mothers, full time careers, busy schedules, goals and dreams.  The next year I competed at the same two shows and walked away with the overalls.  This was a huge accomplishment and it also meant that I was nearing being ready for the National stage. 

I took an entire year off season and I came back to win the overall again at the “Battle for the Eagle” in 2017, and from there, I competed at the NPC Nationals in Miami where I placed 3rd out of 9 strong competitors.  And then, 1 year later, I competed again at the NPC Nationals and placed 2nd.  One spot from my pro status.  That only motivated me more and I set a game plan for 2019 that would position me to bring my best physique to date, best mindset and best support behind me.  And now, I am still a full time mom, I have a full time career in medical sales and coaching, a loving fiancé, and I’m  still the fiery redhead competitor coming to conquer all my dreams while also pushing others to do the same!

Helle Trevino

Helle Trevino (formerly Nielsen) is a Danish/American professional female bodybuilder. She is the 2017 Ms Rising Phoenix and the highest-ranked Dane on the International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness (IFBB) Pro Women’s Bodybuilding Ranking List (as Helle Nielsen).

Helle Trevino (born Helle Nielsen) was born and raised in rural Sønderborg, Denmark. She grew up on a farm. She majored in English and German in college. After that she continued her way into the fitness industry where she took a number of exams within the nutrition & training field.

Bodybuilding career


Trevino was a gymnast from the age of 3 and competed in various other sports, including ballroom dancing, swimming, track and field, shot put, martial arts, horse-riding, boxing, biking, ballet and yoga. When Trevino was 17, she joined a gym and started training seven days a week. When she started, she had weighed 128 lb (58 kg) and within a year of training she had added 29 lb (13 kg). She said on her Web site that she quickly realized she had great genetics for bodybuilding.

She later started competing. She attended the Danish Championships in Herning. At the age of 22 she won in the heavyweight and overall categories at the Danish Nationals in 1998, her first show. She also won the overall and heavyweight title at the Scandinavian Championships in the same year. In 1999 she competed at the World Championships in Australia.



Trevino became the first professional female bodybuilder from Denmark since Lisser Frost-Larsen, who had last competed in 1984. In her pro debut, she won the heavyweight and overall at the Jan Tana Classic. A few months later, she placed fifth in the heavyweights at the Ms. Olympia.

From 2011

After spending a few years building up her personal training business, Trevino in 2011 won the FIBO pro show and placed 11th at the 2011 Ms. Olympia. The following year she placed 12th in the Ms. Olympia competition, where. In 2012, she moved from Denmark to California, to train at the Gold’s Gym in Venice.

Contest history

As of 2014[update], Trevino lived in Los Angeles, California and worked as a personal trainer in Venice, California. She speaks Danish, English, and German. She worked as a caretaker of disabled people for 15 years. In 2008, she became the CEO & Founder of the company Team Evolution.