We believe in supporting upcoming and enthusiastic new athletes, they are the new fresh blood in the sport. Welcome to our WOS Brand Ambassadors team, Hulda Lopez from Honduras. Such an inspirational story!

“It’s safe to say that we are the creators of our paths by even the smallest decisions made every minute, hour and day, accumulating into weeks, months, and years. 

Who am I? I’m a mere human, vulnerable to existence, passionate for LIVING to experience life at its fullest by putting an out front effort to be conscious of all these choices, that have brought me to this day and to who I am now.

I didn’t grow up thinking I was going to bodybuild, but when I was 6 years old I would admire the fit, muscular look of gymnasts and legs on figure skaters in the Olympics watching ESPN. 

Later in early teens, I would “workout” with my best friend 500 abs a day for “Britney’s muscle”, referring to Britney Spear’s obliques, which were quite visible at the time she became popular (an you may Google search her muscular calves, she did gymnastics young.)

I practiced tennis, soccer and volleyball, and playing tennis competitively is where I met the gym. Just like bodybuilding today, I trained tennis obsessively to get better and to be challenged, always trying to improve my ranking.

In school, I participated in language competitions for Spanish, reciting poems and in grammar contests since first grade, and I can recall from then that I enjoyed the process of preparing for the event, practicing everyday, being “coached” by my teacher and getting better at it until mastering it. Certainly I enjoyed the recognition of being the best several times. It is also where I learned to lose for the first time.

I believe I always wanted to “transform”. Though I never suffered from an eating disorder, I grew as far as into adult and motherhood at the age of 25 with underweight and self-image issues. But even with a firm determination, it was difficult to find someone to believe in what I wanted to accomplish and help me get there, in a country where bodybuilding is not developed, much less among women. 

The Internet was my savior and an unfinished trainer certification to gather information to use on myself, never thinking I would help others with this after, but it’s what I do now for work.

Competing didn’t cross my mind; I just didn’t feel ready, as many know, like in most things in life. Talked into it, I was able to do my first national show in Honduras which qualified me to an IFBB pro qualifier event in Mexico placing second, and it was like nothing I had ever seen and experienced before. Hundreds of athletes of all categories, big expo, supplement companies, professional tanning and even the very first female bodybuilder I met in person, and I made sure I took a photograph with her.

Most of my bodybuilding goals once seemed impossible to me at first consideration or thought: competing, training to compete in women’s physique, let alone entering female bodybuilding; however, not anymore. Putting in work consistently for anything in life will lead to any goal.

I’d like to list out many hobbies and additional fun activities I do, but presently all my energy, time and effort goes towards my children, my work as trainer and career as athlete.

Life unfolds different for everyone and there are still many things to accomplish for myself: obtain college education in Psychology, develop my great business idea and see my kids grow into loving humans, striving for their best.

I want to extend my gratitude to the Wings of Strength for simply THE opportunity to reach my highest potential as one of their ambassadors representing the sport.”

Irene Andersen

IRENE ANDERSEN - Wings Of Strength Brand Ambassador

First I am a mother of 3 that I raised all by myself with my mother and father that always was there for us. My children means the world to me and I’m so proud of them ! 

I am also an IFBB pro league professional female bodybuilder from Denmark but I live in Sweden. I qualified by winning all major competitions in Sweden and subsequently has competed in female bodybuilding at the professional level since  2006, consistently placing in the top 10. I have competed in more than 25 shows since 2006 including at least two per year in those 13 years. I strive to improve and to represent myself in this sport in a positive, professional manner.

The highlight of my career so far on stage was my 8th place at Wings of Strength Rising Phoenix World Championships 2016 !

I have been an athlete all my life: volleyball, ju-jutsu, thai and kick boxing . 

I started with weight training when I was 15-16 years old and never stopped:)

My father is a black smith and raised horses so I grew up surrounded by this beautiful muscled animals .

I have an inner love and appreciation for all animals and right now I have a Doberman, 2 cats, a parrot and a snake .

My goal was always to compete on the stage of the Ms. Olympia. When that opportunity was no longer available I became the featured subject and co-producer of the documentary  film, TOO BIG FOR THE WORLD (TBFTW). This film was previewed at a WOS competition , in Hollywood, in Las Vegas and cities in Europe and was released in May 2019. 

I will compete again in 2019 for the 14th consecutive year as an IFBB professional in at least two WOS sponsored shows and I’m truly appreciative for the continued support of the sport provided by Jake Wood, Wings of Strength.

Isabelle Turrell

Hello to all and thank you for taking the time to read my bio. I want to start off and thank Wings of Strength for all they do for the athletes. They truly have done great things for the sport and have done so much especially for women bodybuilding. I am very excited, grateful, and blessed to be a 2019 WOS ambassador for them this year. 

My name is Isabelle Turell, and most know me as Fit Rockstar. I want to share with you a little bit about myself and how I got passionate about bodybuilding. I can honestly tell you I never thought I would see myself as a female bodybuilder. My grandmother would watch American Gladiators and constantly tell me that I could be one of those muscle girls and kick everyones butt (well =she actually used another word, but I will keep this PG :)) I just looked at her and thought she was crazy and laughed. I got into sports at the age of 6 and I had the mentality that I could do anything I put my mind too. It just required a lot of effort and hard work. I don’t know why but after playing so many sports,  I feel in love with soccer. I want to be a pro soccer player like Mia Hamm, who was my idol. I went to college full time studying Marine biology, and working 2 jobs which one was a lifeguard and the other was an entertainer at Universal Studios. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. I say this because If I never worked at Universal Studios, I would have never seen her. One day walking through the park riding rides, I saw for the first time a female bodybuilder. She had this huge crowd around her. I wanted to know what was going on so I broke my way through the crowd and was blown away by her arms. I had to give her a compliment and tell her that she had great arms. She then looks at me and says “thanks” and that next thing she said to me was “you can do this too”. I put the card in my pocket and when I got home put it in my drawer. Months later as I was cleaning out my apartment, I ran across the card. I looked at it for a while and remembered what the woman said to me. I thought to myself, “hmm, what do I have to lose?”. I had this motto that I lived by and that was, “try everything once in your life, and live a little”. I also had an itch to take on a challenge, to do something out of my comfort zone, something that I would never see myself doing. So I looked at the card again and called Sonia Fay Howe. I thought to myself what the heck am I getting myself into. I told her I was ready to do a show. I couldn’t believe how much work was involved, eating certain type of foods, weighing food, training, posing, suits, routines, etc.. Good lord, this was not easy. Its funny, because bodybuilding was something I really didn’t care for and then I end up falling in love with it and making great things out of it. At the age of 23 I opened a very successful gym In Orlando for several years and went around Orlando doing Fitness seminars and bootcamps for Lockheed Martin and Florida Hospital.  Around this time I did something crazy. I was ready to take the amateur bodybuilding to a new level. I wanted National status. It was mid October and I remember grabbing my NPC News magazine ad seeing a show in Culver California. Now mind you, Im all the way in Orlando, Florida. I didn’t know anyone in the sport and I was going in blind. I didn’t keep tabs on the whose who of bodybuilders. I just dieted, and trained and did what I love. SO I was always flipping around though images and I was in awe of Lenda Murray and Kim Chizevsky. I would always see a name on photos that said Bill Dobbins. I found a contact for him and set up a photo shoot for the day before the Excalibur. Omg I was so nervous when I arrived at his doorstep. He was very nice and had a beautiful makeup artist fix me up for our shoot. To this date we got some of the best and iconic photos. The next day was show time. I was so scared and couldn’t believe I came all that ways to the Mecca of bodybuilding.I didn’t know anyone and no one knew me. I just went in there and was my down to earth self. I went around to the other competitors making jokes, and giving compliments. I truly believe in good sportsmanship and encouraging others. On stage of course we have fun. I ended up wining the light heavy weight class, and believe it or not the overall. I couldn’t believe it. I started crying. Then I found out that there were girls competing from Nationals the week before. From there in 2008 I won the USAs overall which gave me IFBB Pro status and became Indianas first professional bodybuilder. After that I have competed in Arnold, qualified for Olympia, and I won’t the Omaha Pro 2x in 2016 and In 2018. In my spare time I cosplay at comic cons as many characters and my popular one is She Hulk. I truly love it because I can bring a character to life with muscles and personality. It’s so much fun engaging with kids, fans, and random people. I love competing and putting on a show for the fans. My current goal is to get bigger muscles and fill out more creating rounder curvy muscles. 

Overall, Thanks to Wings of Strength, bodybuilding has brought me happiness in helping others achieve their goals and teaching them that they can do anything they put their mind too. I get great pleasure in seeing others be successful in the sport. So you may see me giving high fives, hugs and kudos to athletes, promoters, and fans at shows. Its because of them that we have a show to begin with. Im love and strive helping out athletes. We are all in this for the same thing and we all are champions in the end no matter which way you look at it. 

Jacqueline Fuchs

I’m Jacqueline Fuchs alias jay, born on july 31, 1971. At the age of 12 years, i started my sporting career.

I was for 8 years in the national team of sport shooting.

Then I switched into the martial arts scene, performing for the next 20 years.

I did 60 Thaibox fights (world champion title) and 10 professional boxing fights. After a serious injury I had to stop fighting.

2011 i did my first bodybuilding competition and became Swiss champion. Next I won the Arnold Classic and so i got my Pro-Card.

This gave me access to the professional bodybuilding world.

I did my pro debut at the tampa pro Show 2015 and now am very happy to be part of Wings Of Strength.

Professionally i have a degree as Confiseur.

I do online coaching and work on art projects. My next project is a movie in Italy.

My hobbies are everything that has to do with movements, like motorcycling and hiking in the mountains.

I love cooking when my preparation allows it.

Now i’m looking forward to my further development. Bodybuilding has become my life for me and I love to live this lifestyle.

It teaches me more about myself every day. My offseason weight is 82kg