Janeen Lankowski

Some of the best bodybuilders are lifetime athletes.  Take Janeen Lankowski, who started gymnastics at the advanced age of 2 ½.  She did very well at the sport and in 1988 was slated to go to the Olympics for Canada.  Unfortunately, she suffered an ankle injury and that didn’t happen.  It is an unhappy fact that there are always risks encountered by athletes engaged in really intense sports activities.


“Training in the gym at age 14 was part of my rehab program,” Janeen says.  “I was already very muscular so when I started working with weights my physique began to develop very quickly.”


Janeen spent several years muscle building in the gym and then, as a competitive athlete, began thinking about bodybuilding contests.  But an auto accident in 1999 forced her to put that ambition on hold for a few years.


Janeen finally began competing in bodybuilding in Canada in 2003 and continued by eventually entering 14 national competitions.  Her gymnastics background gave her an advantage in winning best poser awards.


She competed as a bodybuilder in a number of contests but at a certain point competition for female bodybuilding seems to be fading away, so she was advised by a judge to switch to physique.


“It made sense at the time,” says Janeen.  But when Jake Wood and Wings of Strength got involved bodybuilding for women went through a radical rebirth and I decided to get back to competing in that category.”


In the middle of her bodybuilding career, Janeen suffered another injury – a triceps tear in 2018 that required surgey.   Again, she worked very hard at rehabilitation and was able to achieve a complete recovery.  In fact, she developed a posing routine in which she deliberately demonstrated to the judges she wasn’t suffering from any muscle weaknesses.


On the subject of posing, Janeen thinks that many women bodybuilders – and men as well – do not take enough advantage of the fact that your posing routine allows you to draw attention of the judges to the best qualities of your physique and potentially raise you scores.  “Bodybuilding posing should not be about dancing around on stage,” Janeen believes. “It is still about presenting your physique. If you don’t hit and hold your poses, keep dancing around on stage or you simply do compulsory poses the judges have already seen you aren’t going to do anything to improve your scoring.”


Janeen’s advice regarding posing routines is that you need to work with a coach or a video camera and try to come up with poses and transitions that are other than the most expected ones.  When the judges or audience see something new, they tend to pay more attention.  “Once you have a routine,” she adds, “the idea is to practice, practice, practice.  You need to deeply imbed these movements in your muscle memory so that you execute them with grace and aesthetics.”




Shows – IFBB PRO in USA/Canada

2021 Mr Olympia – 8th Bodybuilding

2021 IFBB Rising Phoenix World Chamiponships  – 7th Bodybuilding

2021 IFBB Savannah Pro – 2nd Bodybuilding

2021 IFBB Tampa Pro – 3rd Bodybuilding

2021 IFBB Norfolk Pro – 2nd Bodybuilding

2020 Mr Olympia – 15th Bodybuilding

2020 IFBB Rising Phoenix World Championship – 10th Bodybuilding

2020 IFBB New York Pro – 4th Bodybuilding

2020 IFBB Savannah Pro – 9th Bodybuilding

2020 IFBB Tampa Pro – 2nd Bodybuilding

2019 Power and Grace Olympia WOS* – *Best Poser

2019 IFBB Rising Phoenix World Championship* – 8th Bodybuilding
*2nd Best Poser

2019 IFBB Tampa Pro* – 3rd Bodybuilding 

*Best Poser

2019 IFBB Norfolk – 2nd Bodybuilding
*Best Poser
2017 IFBB Rising Phoenix Pro – 10th in Bodybuilding
2017 IFBB Tampa Pro* – 7th in Bodybuilding
*Best Poser

2016 IFBB Tampa Pro – 8th in Bodybuilding
2016 IFBB New York Pro – 16th in Physique
2015 IFBB Ferrigno Legacy Pro – 16th in Physique
2015 IFBB Tampa Pro – 10th in Masters Physique, 16th in Physique Open
2015 IFBB Mile High Pro – 13th in Physique
2015 IFBB Europa Orlando Pro – 14th in Physique
2014 IFBB Tampa Pro – 16th in Bodybuilding
2014 IFBB Chicago Pro – 13th in Bodybuilding
2013 IFBB Toronto Pro – 13th in Bodybuilding
2012 IFBB Tampa Pro – 3rd in Bodybuilding
2012 IFBB Toronto Pro – 6th in Bodybuilding



Shows – Canada (2003-2011) Amateur




2011 IFBB North American* – Overall Masters Bodybuilding Champion – 1st in Masters Heavyweight
*Awarded IFBB Pro card

2010 CBBF Canadian Nationals – 3rd in Heavyweight
2010 CBBF Canadian Masters Nationals – 2nd in Heavyweight
2009 CBBF Canadian Nationals – 6th in Heavyweight
2009 IFBB North American – 4th in Light Heavyweight, 9th in Masters Heavyweight
2008 CBBF Canadian Nationals – 7th in Heavyweight
2008 IFBB North American – 5th in Heavyweight
2007 CBBF Canadian Nationals – 2nd in Heavyweight
2006 CBBF Canadian Nationals – 3rd  in Heavyweight
2005 CBBF Canadian Nationals* – 2nd in Middleweight
*Best Poser award
2004 OPA Ontario Provincial – Overall Bodybuilding Champion, 1st in Middleweight
2003 OPA Western Ontario – 1st in Lightweight
*Best Poser award
2003 OPA Brantford – 2nd in Lightweight





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Jeanie Welker

My fitness journey: I grew up chubby. While I was stationed in San Diego as a U.S. naval officer, a group on my ship decided to team up to do the Camp Pendleton 10k Mud Run. I had never run that far before. In preparation, I asked a friend to show me how to use the weight machines so I wouldn’t be the one holding the group back. I immediately dropped 30 lbs and never looked back. I went through a phase of long distance running and completed two full marathons. I didn’t start bodybuilding until 2008 while I was in the middle of vet school.



  • BFA with a minor in English literature from Washington University in St. Louis

  • BS with a minor in chemistry from Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly UMR)

  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)  from the University of Missouri’s College of Veterinary Medicine

I have a career outside of the fitness industry and currently practice veterinary medicine in Seattle. I used to be a certified personal trainer on the side, but demands of my primary career didn’t allow me an appropriate work/life balance.  

I am my own coach, trainer, nutritionist, music splicer, choreographer, MUA and tyrant. I even used to jewel my own suits.

Interests include watching Strongman, animals, art, sport and muscle cars, drag queens and stand-up comedy. 

Random tidbits: 

  • I was raised in the Ozarks.

  • I am of English, German and Korean descent.

Competitive history after joining the NPC/IFBB: 

  • 2017: NPC Emerald Cup 2nd/12, Class A Women’s Physique 

  • 2018: NPC Universe 5th/18, Class B Women’s Physique (earned Pro card) 

  • 2019: IFBB Vancouver Pro 8th/15, Women’s Physique 

  • 2021: IFBB Savannah Pro 3rd/17, Women’s Bodybuilding 

I am competing in the 2022 WOS Chicago Pro.

Jozeffa Alajahji

Jozeffa Alajahji

Before she had ever even seen a picture of a real-life female bodybuilder, Jozeffa Alajahji wanted to look like a cartoon. Growing up in Sweden, she had seen images of larger-than-life women with huge muscles and tiny waists – and loved how big and strong they looked. “I thought they looked amazing and I wanted to be just like that,” she says.

Jozeffa was born in Syria and moved to Sweden with her parents when she was a baby. As a child she was very athletic and competed as a swimmer (which she says is why her lats “pop a little”). At the age of 14, she began working out in a gym in order to get stronger for swimming. But she quickly fell in love with training and the gym became an end in itself. Her body began to change and after a year she says she was “completely hooked”. She competed in figure for the first time when she was 18.

At 22, Jozeffa took two years off competing and grow so she could move up to women’s bodybuilding. “I had always wanted to do women’s bodybuilding, but never dared to make the switch until I realized it was time,” she says. It was only after she won her first show as a female bodybuilder – the European championship in Alicante, Spain, in 2021 – that she felt sure she was big enough. A few months later she turned pro by winning the NPC Worldwide Amateur Olympia in Italy.

Still only 26 years old, Jozeffa now lives in Spain. At 5-foot-7 and at around 194 pounds in the offseason and around 165 onstage at her last show, she is working on adding size and increasing muscle maturity to be competitive at the pro level. But when she thinks of her ideal physique, she still thinks of those images that first inspired her. “It always comes back to the cartoons!” she says. “I want that crazy X shape!”

Contest history:
–       2021 European Championship, women’s bodybuilding, 1st
–       2021 NPC Worldwide Amateur Olympia, women’s bodybuilding, 1st

Kristina Nicole Mendoza

Parents of young children who are particularly physically energetic often get them involved in some sort of exercise activity very early on.  Kristina Nicole Mendoza was just such a young girl – a dynamo of youthful energy – and she began gymnastics training at age five.  “I was in constant action as a young girl,” Kristina says.  “Fortunately, gymnastics gave me an outlet for all my excess energy.”


Growing up in Florida, Kristina later got into competitive dance and cheerleading.  Both very athletically demanding, she emphasizes.  The only problem, she reveals, was the size of her legs. “My legs have always been very muscular and developed,” says Kristina.  “Too much so for a dancer or cheerleader.”  Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray also had the same “problem” – although with both women what was a problem in one context became decided genetic advantage later on.


After getting out of high school, no longer involved in athletic competition, Kristina found herself starting to gain weight and joined a gym to help her stay in shape.  “Working out in the gym, including muscle training, I started to get comments on my physique,” Kristina recalls, “from people who kept asking if I planned to enter some kind of muscle competition. So back in 2012, after seeing my first bodybuilding competition, I decided that is exactly what I would like to do.” Kristina’s first contest was the physique class at the 2016 Dayana Cadeau Classic – where she placed second


“I was thrilled to do so well right at the beginning,” Kristina says.  “But the criticism I got was generally that my legs were too big.  About that point I started working with a new coach who told me I was in the wrong category, that I looked more like a bodybuilder than a physique competitor.  So I decided to change categories.”


Kristina had been somewhat frustrated to this point because, instead of going all out in her workouts, she had been having to hold back.  She has been concentrating on making her legs smaller, not maximizing their development.  As a bodybuilder, she found this was no longer necessary.  She placed third at the 2017 NPC in bodybuilding, but points out she only decided to compete in bodybuilding two weeks before the event, hardly time to make major changes in her physique.  A few months later she went to the NPC Nationals, finishing fourth.


“It was at the Nationals that I met Jake Wood and Alina Popa, who asked me to join Wings of Strength as an Ambassador.  The interest they showed in me was a great motivator and make me even more determined so succeed as a bodybuilder.”

In 2018 I placed second in the Ms. International Classic (hosted with the Chicago Pro event) “I was making progress, but I spent the next year working on what I felt were my weak points and concentrating on aesthetic qualities like symmetry and proportion.   When I came back to the Arnold in 2019 I placed first / Overall in Ms. International Classic earning my Pro card



Kristina is 5’ 5” and her contest weight is about 160 pounds.  She is determined to eventually be a world champion but she knows “muscle maturity” is a factor.  “Champion bodybuilders, both male and female, can keep getting better as they mature, right up through their 40s.  I’m only 28, so I have plenty of time ahead of me to develop and improve.  It is just a matter of being patient and maintaining discipline.  And those are things I’m determined to focus on.”







2017 – Dayana Cadeau Classic



2017 : Pro Qualifier

USA’s Physique – Third

National’s Bodybuilding – Fourth


2018 : Pro Qualifier

Miss International Classic Bodybuilding- Second place


2019 : Pro Qualifier

Miss International Classic Bodybuilding – Overall Winner

Earned Pro Card


2019 : Rising Phoenix Bodybuilding : Pro Debut

No placing


2020 : IFBB Savanna Pro – 6th


2021 : IFBB Chicago Pro – 2nd



Instagram : @krristinanicole


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