Monique Jones

Monique Jones American bodybuilder who has been ranked in the top ten of the IFBB Pro Women’s Bodybuilding rankings list. Her accomplishments as an IFBB pro include first place finishes at the North American Championships and the Wings of Strength Chicago Pro-Am Extravaganza. 

Monique hasn’t experienced very much negativity in her career as a bodybuilding.  Sure, there are the jerks and the haters everyone comes across on the Internet, but she has learned not to pay too much attention to them.  “Being muscular can make it tough to find clothes that fit,” Monique says.  “But most bodybuilders, female and male, run into the same problem.  It’s a small price to pay.”

Monique says she was a natural athlete as a girl.  Not big but strong and active.  How did she discover weight training?  “My father got a set of weights when I was about 13 years old.  I started using them and felt an instant connection with this kind of training.”

Monique was just 15 when she joined a gym and started serious training.  Again, this felt very natural to her and everyone could see her progress as her body began to respond.  By age 18 she was not huge, but very muscular and defined.  She wanted to enter a competition.  But couldn’t decide between figure and bodybuilding.  So in 2001 she entered both categories in an event.

And won both titles!

Monique then competed mostly in figure for the next few years with some good success.  But as her body developed it became clear she looked more like a bodybuilder than a figure competitor and in 2008 Monique decided to concentrate on bodybuilding. And in 2010 she entered the IFBB North American Championships, took first in the heavyweight class, the overall and was awarded her pro card.

As a terrific bodybuilder and a beautiful woman as well, Monique Jones has accepted the fact that she will be noticed wherever she goes – and will often provoke fairly extreme reactions.  “Most people I meet are very respectful and complimentary,” she explains.  “Where most of the problems occur is online, such as with social networking.  It is amazing how people can be negative, critical and cruel when they are posing anonymously on line.  I have learned not to pay too much attention.  Thankfully, the majority of online comments and post are positive and from real fans both of my and of bodybuilding for women.


Contest history

  • 2001 SNBF – 1st (overall)
  • 2005 NPC South Carolina State – 1st (class C)
  • 2005 NPC Excalibur – South Carolina – 1st (overall and tall)
  • 2005 NPC Coastal USA Championships – 1st (class D)
  • 2006 NPC Junior USA – 14th (class D)
  • 2007 OCB Yorton Cup Nationals – 1st (short and overall)
  • 2007 NPC East Coast Tournament of Champions – 4th (class A and masters)
  • 2008 NPC USA Championships (figure C) – DNP  2008 NPC South Carolina State – 1st (HW and overall)
  • 2008 NPC Nationals
  • 2008 Junior Nationals – 2nd (HW) 2009 NPC Great Lakes Grand Prix – 2nd (masters); 3rd (class A)
  • 2009 IFBB North American Championships – 3rd (· 2009 NPC Nationals – 3rd (HW)
  • 2010 IFBB North American Championships– 1st (HW and overall)
  • 2011 IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships– 5th
  • 2011 IFBB Ms. Olympia– 9th
  • 2011 IFBB Europa Battle of Champions – 2nd
  • 2012 IFBB Ms. International– 10th
  • 2012 IFBB Europa Battle of Champions– 3rd·  2012 IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro-Am Extravaganza – 1st
  • 2012 IFBB Ms. Olympia – 7th
  • 2013 IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro-Am Extravaganza – 1st
  • 2013 IFBB Ms. Olympia – 8· 2014 IFBB Tampa Pro – 3rd
  • 2015 IFBB Omaha Pro – 2nd
  • 2015 IFBB Wings of Strength Rising Phoenix World Championships– 13t·  2018 IFBB WOS       Romania Muscle Fest Pro Women’s Bodybuilding – 1st



Natalia Kovaleva

Hello everybody and thanks for reading my story.
My name is Natalya Kovalyova, I was born in Russia, Tver city, January 19, 1989. I was born premature, quite ironical considering my current built:) I have lost my parents early: at age of 12 my mom died, my father didn’t raise me. I was raised by mom’s sister and my elder sister. My sister was a multiple national judo champion (in her youth). I’ve decided to do wrestling too and the coach noticed that I have a great potential, but somehow a school mate told me ”you have developed huge shoulders and it’s ugly for a girl” and do you know what happened? I quit, I thought my mate was right, at that time I was 15, this was the first and the last time that I have listened to and followed someone’s opinion.Then I tried basketball when I entered the university ( where I studied journalism and Russian language and literature). After I’ve tried kickboxing and I had good results, even if there wasn’t any category for women and no opportunities. I was training with the guys, some of them had multiple champion titles. I started going to a very old and hardcore gym just to loose weight; I wanted to look like a model, at that time it seemed to me that they have both (muscles and thinness) that’s what I wanted to achieve and I achieved that look.

One day I did a deep clean of my house and found magazines with bodybuilder women; I remember I saw Lenda Murray and Ursula Sarcev and then I understood who I want to be. Lenda Murray impressed me the most and was enough to start collecting magazines, videos, to start training.I never thought that I would look like a bodybuilder and not even in my wildest dreams could I imagine that one day I would be on the same stage with professional bodybuilders. There was a period in my life when I left bodybuilding for one and half year and didn’t train at all, trying to decrease to the Physique category. I relived this way that the Physique class is not for me, I am a Bodybuilder!
What do I want? I want to make a contribution to the development of women’s bodybuilding.Maybe someday some girl will see my photos or video and say: “Now I know who I want to be’’. 
I am currently preparing for the IFBB Pro League Tampa Pro; thank you for following my journey in this sport that I love.

Nicki Chartrand

I grew up in a small town. The kind where young girls dreamed of their wedding and how many children they would have. The kind of small town that bred norms like women should be wives and mothers. They should strive to do things the “right” way, and fit in.

Then I woke up.

I moved.

I followed a co-worker to the gym, where we started to take group fitness classes together.

I was RE-BORN.

I started building muscle very quickly and before long, I was in a full-time, committed relationship with the gym. I never missed a day. The more muscle I built, the more comfortable I felt in my skin. I would lift until I couldn’t walk or couldn’t lift my arms, then I would call it a day. I was starting to feel like being different from the societal “norm” of “woman” was ok. I was doing what made me happy and I felt free.

After a few years of lifting I entered my first bodybuilding show, where I went straight into Women’s Bodybuilding, because there was no way I was walking on stage in heels! I was self-coached and self-confident! I won! Then I got a strong dose of reality when I entered Manitoba Provincials two years in a row and came in nearly last place both times.

I continued to lift and grow and learn about myself along the way. Then in 2013 I won overall in Women’s Bodybuilding at the Manitoba Provincials, claiming the title of “Ms. Manitoba.”

I took a few years off to eat pizza, lift and do life things with my new husband.

When I returned to the stage in 2016, at the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation’s National Championships, I won everything. I placed first in Women’s Heavyweight Bodybuilding, Best Poser, Overall Women’s Bodybuilding Champion and my IFBB Pro Card! A dream since I started lifting had become reality and I was over the moon.

After receiving judges feedback from Nationals, I decided I would make my Pro debut in Women’s Physique at the Toronto Pro Supershow in 2017. I had an incredible off season and even more precise contest prep. I brought my best ever package to the stage in Toronto and placed nearly last. I was in the wrong category. The judges’ feedback was clear, “you’re a bodybuilder!”

Eight weeks later I made my Bodybuilding debut at the Lenda Murray Pro/Am in Norfolk, Virginia. With nothing to lose and stars in my eyes I stepped on stage and achieved my first Pro WIN!

In addition to bodybuilding, I coach many clients on a journey to become their best selves, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Helping others reveal their true selves is a passion of mine!

I also love gardening, tending to flowers and being out in the sunshine and fresh air. I can often be caught busting a move between sets at the gym and laughing with friends to the point of stomach cramping!

My bodybuilding journey continues, and you’re welcome to come along!

Pauline Nelson

Born in Trinidad, Pauline Nelson calls the United States Home. After seventeen years as a professional dancer, Ms. Nelson has always been fascinated by human movement, art and aesthetics. Body building was a natural transition. The discipline, precision, intensity, rhythm and art of body building had always amazed Ms. Nelson. She found another way to express herself. Body Building was an immediate love, as it required her to connect and understand her body. It was empowering and freeing, and that’s when she became hooked.

Ms. Nelson quickly became a force to reckon with. She rose to national rankings. On her pro qualifying she made history by winning four titles. Her background of dancing has always won her the best posing routine.

Ms. Nelson attributes her poise to women like Linda Murray who is one of her biggest inspirations in Women’s bodybuilding. She has continued to carry herself with such poise where women are strong, feminine and classy.

Her road in life has not been without challenges and setbacks. While preparing for her first attempt to become a pro, women’s body building was banned from the Olympia. She kept working because women’s body building is not about the Olympia, it’s about being empowered, bold, courageous, brave, and unapologetic. It was a very challenging time but she continued working because of her passion.

Jake Woods and the Wings of Strength women bodybuilding is the place to belong to. They showed us that women’s body building is important and that there is a place for women bodybuilding in the Olympia and the world. Wings of Strength gave Ms. Nelson a new focus that no human is limited.

Ms. Nelson has a contagious passion. She has been able to share it with others. No matter how big or small your goal is she always encourages people to live a healthy lifestyle. She has mentored and empowered others, from boot camps for beginners to professional athletes. She is a very sought of personal trainer in Tri State area. She is more than a trainer, she is powerful and fearless, that’s why they give her the nickname miss making it happen

She also has engaged herself in helping the sick by raising funds for breast cancer. One of her biggest passions is to help mentor battered women and families, to overcome the struggles they face every day. Ms. Nelson has also volunteered her time in homeless shelters. Ms. Nelson believes that “When you’re in a position to help others that you must do what you can”. She is a firm believer in this sentiment.


Competition history:

Overall winner and IFBB Pro Card winner at 2017  Masters Nationals

3rd place 2017 Tampa Pro

2nd place 2018 Tampa Pro

2nd place 2019 Tampa Pro


Facebook: Pauline Nelson

Instagram: ifbbpropaulinenelson



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