Robin Hillis

Where do I start?  First off, I am so grateful to be chosen as an ambassador for Wings of Strength again.  Bodybuilding is my passion and has been since I was 18 years old (31 years ago).  I was always an active child and since I could walk, I was teaching myself to do cartwheels, walkovers, etc.  Once I started school, I joined every athletic team I could.  I enjoyed baseball, basketball, volleyball, track and field, swimming and also played the piano.

After I graduated high school, and realized there would be no more team sports, or athletics during lunches.  I decided to join the gym.  After 2 weeks of training, my delts grew and I was hooked to the feeling of the iron in my hands.  I loved the pump and how training made me feel inside and out!  I instantly loved the structure and thrived with the routine. 

After several years of competing, I finally earned my IFBB pro status in 2014 at the Canadian nationals in Quebec.  Since then I have competed in 7 pro shows and have enjoyed each and every one of them.  I love the friends I have made in this industry, and being able to travel with Wings of Strength, as I work at booths to greet fans, watch my fellow iron sisters compete, and make new memories.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the booth in Toronto.  Come say hi and grab a pic!   ️ 

Competitive history 

1992 Mckenzie challenge 2nd place open

2003 Mississauga Show 3rd place HW

2004 Elliot Lake Northern Championships 1st place HW and overall

2004 Ontario Provincial championships 1st place HW

2005 Canadian Nationals HW 9th place 

2010 Canadian Nationals HW 8th place 

2010 Canadian Nationals Masters 4th place 

2010 North Americans Masters 5th place 

2011 amateur Arnold’s 15th place I think ?

2012 Ontario provincial championship 2nd place HW

2012 Canadian Nationals HW 8th place I think? 

2013 North Americans masters 4th place 

2013 North Americans 5th place HW

2014 Ontario provincial championships 1st place HW & overall 

2014 North Americans HW 5th place 

2014 Canadian nationals 1st place HW earned IFBB pro card 

2016 Toronto pro show 4th place 

2016 Chicago pro show 7th place 

2017 Toronto pro show 4th place 

2017 Puerto Rico Pro Show 8th place 

2018 Romania Pro show 2nd place 

2019 Rising Phoenix

2019 Romania Pro 


Social media :  

Facebook – Robin Dee

Instagram – robintripledee

Twitter – robintripledee

Theresa Ivancik

Hey everyone!! Thank you all so much for the love and continued support for female bodybuilding and Wings of Strength!!!!! My name is Theresa Ivancik and I am a professional female bodybuilder for the IFBB Pro League, and an extremely excited 2020 sponsored athlete for Wings of Strength!!

I am currently ranked 6th in the world for female bodybuilding after taking 6th place at the 2019 Rising Phoenix World Championships!  I am an owner of Harlans Elite Fitness, a certified personal trainer, online coach, influencer and licensed insurance agent. We are also currently in the works on opening our own T-shirt company called Harlans Elite Customs!!

2019 was such an incredible year!! After returning from a year off in 2018, I was sponcered by Wings of Strength for my 2019 season! The show we decided to compete in was the Lenda Murray 2019 Norfolk Pro show, which I had competed in 2017, placing second! My Coach Brian Hoydic and I worked extremely hard to bring a rather conditioned and different package to the stage for this show!! In results to that, I won my first Pro show ever!!!!  I was super excited to achieve this accomplishment in my career! Winning a Pro show was huge for me, not only a goal of mine, but winning the show also qualified me once again to compete at the prestigious 2019 Rising Phoenix World Championships!! Where now my focus was to place a lot higher than my first time at this show in 2017!

During the 2019 Rising Phoenix event yet another goal had come reality, when I placed in the top 6 at the biggest show in the world for female bodybuilding!! Along with receiving a best poser award and an invite to guest pose on the Olympia expo stage!  Now currently ranked 6th in the world!!! Words couldn’t describe how much that means to me!! This year we are focusing on brining a very sharp well-balanced conditioned package to the stage. I want to win my pro show once again and qualify to partake in the return of the Ms. Olympia on that Olympia stage!

2020 is going to be such an incredible year for female bodybuilding! There are more opportunities to compete in women’s bodybuilding with all the added shows this season and the Ms. Olympia is back!!! I am extremely blessed and exited to be working with Wings of Strength again! They have taken female bodybuilding to yet again a whole new level! I am blessed an honored to be apart of such an inspiring company making big moves in the fitness industry! Wings of Strength gives us women the opportunities to be who we want to be and show the world that we are female bodybuilding!

Dreams do come true if you believe in yourself and have the courage to pursue them!

Tina Williams

My journey began 14 years ago and my dream came true at the Ms International where I earned my Pro card in 2018 in women’s BB.

My rookie season was one to remember. I placed in the top 5 of my first two pro shows taking 4th at the Omaha Pro and 3rd at the Norfolk Pro, qualifying me for the Wings Of Strength Rising PhoenixWorld Championships.
This season my goal is to re qualify for the Wings of Strength Rising Phoenix World Championships and to qualify for the Ms. Olympia both in September. I will be competing in the Savannah Pro and also the Omaha Pro this year.
I have been in the bar industry for 21 years. I am currently the General Manager and head bar tender at a bar in Lawrence Kansas where I reside.
A mother of a beautiful little 6yr old girl Kansas who is my world and a huge part of my motivation as it gives me a platform to show her if you work hard, have discipline and focus you can do whatever you want to do as it took me 14yrs to reach this level it shows her never give up on your dreams.
I’m also a wife of an amazing man who is also an IFBB Pro. His love and support for me and the industry is like no other. He truly motivates me to be a better person in and out side of the gym. I just want to touch the lives of as many women and girls not only who compete but others trying to better themselves and create a healthier life style for themselves by empowering as many girls and women I can as this sport has given me the platform to do so.
I want to thank Jake Wood and the WOS for giving me the opportunity to represent Women’s BB and giving me the platform to be able to do what it is I love to do.

Virginia Sanchez

My name is Virginia Sanchez,I’m an IFBB Pro female Bodybuilder competitor ,I’m a mother and almost 48 years old (27th April ). I started in this sport when I was 17 years old because of my fathe,he loved train with weights and Martial Arts,and in the first moment I touched a dumbbell I think I felt in love with this sport and I knew it was going to be part of my life and what my goals were going to be,to compete at the Ms Olympia stage with the best,nowadays the Rising Phoenix World Championships thanks to Jake Wood and Wings Of Strength.

I used to combined my studies at the university with the gym but at the end I decided to dedicate myself completely to bodybuilding so,I studied nutrition,personal training and also tested as an IFBB judge .

I used to watch the Ms Olympia shows and I imagined myself on that stage,in that moment Lenda Murray was one of the best for me a truly inspiration.After several years trainning really hard,I don’t know why,I decided to stop and had a break,two years after that I lost most of my muscle mass I had the opportunity to work as a publicity model, I combined that with my own gym but something did not work for me,I did not feel good with myself,I needed my work outs and my muscles but when I decided to come back to train I got pregnant so I had to wait more time.Finally I returned and I was selected to compete for the first time in the 2011 European Championship,getting a second place,since that moment everything went very quick for me getting my pro card in the 2013 when I won the Arnold Europe,till that time I have not stop competing and I love it,I made several podiums as in my first pro show in Toronto and Chicago,I qualified three times for the biggest female bodybuilding show since the Ms Olympia was gone ,IFBB Rising Phoenix Rising Phoenix World Championships,the best support we have right now,but the best for me was my 5th place at this amazing show in the 2017,a hard year for me in my private life but that place compensated everything and was a great motivation for me to continue working hard and try to do always my best. You have to believe in yourself,fight for your dreams and never give up.

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