2022 Rising Phoenix World Championships & Arizona Women’s Pro-Am (IFBB & NPC)

Join us for our 8th annual IFBB Professional League BIKINI LAB HAWAII Rising Phoenix Women’s Bodybuilding World Championship & Arizona Women’s Pro & the 4th annual NPC Wings of Strength Arizona Women’s Extravaganza! A 2022 Olympia Qualifier & NPC National Qualifier! SHOW TICKETS (coming soon) PPV Live Stream (available for pre-order!)

2021 Romania Muscle Fest Pro-Am & Muscle Con

Join us for our 4th annual IFBB Professional League Wings of Strength Romania Muscle FEST Pro-Am & Romania MUSCLE CON Expo! IFBB Professional League Olympia Qualifier, as well as an IFBB Pro League Qualifier. November 12-14, 2021 | Bucharest, Romania Athletes Show Registration: HERE Mandatory NPC Worldwide Card: HERE Buy the PPV Live Stream: HERE

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