Rising Phoenix Invitational


January 3, 2020, PHOENIX – Wings of Strength, an elite worldwide bodybuilding promotions company based out of Arizona, announced today that their all women’s bodybuilding competition titled the IFBB Wings of Strength Rising Phoenix Women’s Bodybuilding World Championship, will be invitational. Competitors interested in competing in the Women’s Bodybuilding division are encouraged to apply.

The IFBB Wings of Strength Rising Phoenix Women’s Bodybuilding World Championship, will take place on September 5, 2020 and will share the stage in conjunction with Tim Gardner Production’s Wings of Strength Arizona Women’s Pro & NPC Wings of Strength Arizona Women’s Extravaganza National Qualifier. However, the Rising Phoenix will be the only invitational component of the three competitions.

This will be the 6th annual edition of the Rising Phoenix, which emerged as a result of the elimination of the Ms Olympia in 2014. As a result of this occurrence, Wings of Strength along with Tim Gardner, created the Rising Phoenix in 2015 to offer a World Ranking event opportunity for women. The Rising Phoenix offers a coveted title and grand prize of a $50,000 check along with a brand-new top of the line iconic American prize vehicle to the new Women’s Bodybuilding World Champion.

In 2019, Wings of Strength became the presenting sponsor for The Olympia Weekend. In addition to its high visibility throughout the Olympia Weekend, Wings of Strength will reach additional audiences by way of American Media’s newsstand and digital media properties, with an audience reach of more than 120 million. As a result of this partnership, The Olympia Weekend announced the long-awaited return of the Ms Olympia at the 2020 Olympia Weekend.

With the return of Ms Olympia as the original pinnacle of female bodybuilding competitions, the Rising Phoenix will remain as the Women’s Bodybuilding World Championship with its grand prizes, but will operate as an invitational event to all interested female competitors. The purpose of this new format is to ensure the Rising Phoenix remains as a prestigious title, and encourages all females to compete in the Women’s Bodybuilding division, regardless of their qualifying points for the upcoming 2020 Ms Olympia.

[ENTRY DETAILS] All applicants must submit a letter of intent together with their competitive history and photos (both recent and from previous competitions). The invitational event is open to all IFBB Pro female athletes who intend to compete in the Women’s Bodybuilding division.

Applications will be received from January 3, 2020 – May 20, 2020. The panel of judges that will be reviewing all applicants will consist of Sandy Williamson (NPC/IFBB Women’s President and Head Judge), Tyler Manion (Vice President of the NPC, NPC Worldwide and the IFBB Professional League), along with the Wings of Strength committee of Lenda Murray (8x Ms Olympia and Official Spokeswoman), Alex Sacasa (VP of US Operations), Alina Popa (VP of European Operations), and Jake Wood (CEO and Owner).

Applicants may send their letters at RPapplications@wingsofstrength.net. The deadline is May 20, 2020. All athletes will be selected by the end of May, and announced the first week of June.

To learn more about Wings of Strength and the Rising Phoenix, visit www.WingsofStrength.net and www.WOSRisingPhoenix.com.

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